Different Kinds of Clear Floor Finishes

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Transparent finishes are anticipated to make the floor or the wood look good and do what you wanted to finish the floor. It is not easy to choose clear finish to the flooring because it includes tradeoffs on how it will look, protection, safety, how easy it will be applied and how tough it is. I will give some finishes that has reviews in it to guide you in choosing good finishes. First is the shellac, which is very durable, very alterable that you can use alcohol to change it. Second is Tung oil, which is water resistant and durable that depends on how many coating you would apply to it.

Third one is the Nitrocellulose lacquer, which is commonly clear and glossy if applied. It has good protection and very durable. Fourth is linseed oil, which is very easy to apply with rags and then just wipe it off but the problem is that it is a very long time to dry. Fifth is the Water-based polyurethane, which is very transparent and is apply using brush and spray sometimes, very fast to dry and a be easily stripped using paint remover.