Different Tile Designs For Your Home

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Versatile Venetian Tiles

Have you seen the glass tile products which are being sold as the Venetian series? The Venetian tiles are one of that age old pattern of tiles but the style of these tiles are always being invented in different ways. Indeed, there are many kinds of accents, designs and patterns that one can find with the Venetian series. The different variants and characteristics are as follows:

  • One can find them of copper accents or of stainless steel finishing
  • No matter what design of the Venetian series one opts for, the patters are random and thus, there is not a chance of coming across the same patterned tiles in anyone else’s home
  • These tile are popular for kitchens as they act as effective backsplash walls. They are easy to clean and one simply needs to wipe the tiles with a wet cloth

Opting For The Classic Glass Tiles

If you are not sure of the Venetian patterned glass tiles, one can go for the simple or the block colored tiles. There are the classic glass tiles that one can opt for when one is not sure what to opt for. If you are not ready to experiment with patterned and differently colored tiles, one can opt for the solid colored tiles. One needs to be sure of the shade though. The only drawback of shopping on the internet for tiles is that, it might be difficult to understand the shade of the tiles as seen on the website. When the tile sheets appear at your doorstep, they might not appear of the shade you imagined you saw on the internet. The advantage of the solid colored glass tiles are the following:

  • Even if the glass tiles are in solid colors they have a contemporary look and feel
  • These glass tiles are durable and will last long and rough conditions
  • The glass tiles are ideal for wet as well as dry areas

Mosaic Tiles

Another unique glass tile design that one can opt for are the mosaic tiles. These again come in different colors and patterns. One can opt for alternating colored patterned tiles or one can opt for solid colored tiles. One such example are the glazed or the frosted tiles. The glass tiles made of such pattern and effects are unique:

  • These tiles can be used for kitchen backsplashes or for bathrooms
  • The neutral color of the tiles can be used for a timeless look and appeal
  • When one opts for the frosted glass or the non slip tumbled stone tiles they will ensure that you do not slip and fall if you use them for the bathroom floors

Ornamental Patterned Tiles

If one is bored with the plain or the patterned tiles, on can even opt for tiles of an ornamental pattern. That way one can add a splash of design and uniqueness to an otherwise boring kitchen wall. The glass tiles come cheap and if one buys in bulk, the discounts are considerable. For more details visit http://www.wholesalersusainc.com/.