Halogen Replacement Bulbs

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Halogen lamps are incandescent bulbs that burn a bit of halogen within the glass. A halogen is an element like iodine, bromine or chlorine. This gas is burned with a tungsten filament to produce a cycle of burning and depositing of the gas within the chamber of the light. This is a cycle that burns very hotly, which results in a brighter, longer lasting light. The use of halogen in light bulbs in cars and as floodlights is quite common.

Halogen Bulbs

You will find these lamps in the theaters and the roadsides. The lamps are used in projectors and medical penlights. The output from the halogen lamp is quite bright since it does burn hot. The ability to burn hot allows the light to burn at the high end of the spectrum, which results in a blue light. All incandescent bulbs are able to produce a spectrum, but only a hot burning light can reach the blues. This is why some car headlights are more blue than white when they are coming towards you at night.

Although the halogen light is a long lasting light bulb, at s ome point you will need to buy halogen replacement bulbs. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for all household needs. The bulbs can be found in bathroom vanities, in the floodlights of the kitchen or patio, in the floor lamp and in the front of the car. The use of halogen lighting is common and efficient. This saves you money as a result.