Hi-Tech Garage Door for Commercial Use

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There is no denying the fact that garage doors are very important whether for home or business use. It houses the vehicles preventing it from getting soaked, damaged, or stolen. Compared to home garage doors, the industrial ones are stronger, larger, and better. In the past years, people preferred manual garage doors that swing open. The only problem is these types of doors take too much space upon opening, not to mention individuals have to get in and out of the car in order to operate it. For that reason, manufacturers of industrial garage doors where prompted to develop it to provide ease of use for all its users.

Sophisticated Locking System

When manual commercial garage doors were turned into automated ones, the first issue that both manufacturers and users pondered on was the problem with security. As the industrial or business garage contains top of the line vehicles and even luxurious ones, it was prone to theft or sabotage. A simple chain, lock, and key will not cut it anymore so they also have to update their security. For that, they invented the coding system. At first this seems to work; however, there is a loophole in the system since everything was made with the same code. Thieves can simply obtain that code and voila! They now have access to the industrial garage.

The next solution that they thought of was setting a unique code for every system. The user can simply revise or make the code based on his preferred number sequence. The problem with this is other people can utilize a code grabber which is specially made to hack the system. The grabber can obtain the unique code in a few minutes, and now the thief has access to any vehicle he wants. An update to the system was made again because of this. The security now features a rolling code system that changes the code each time the user opens or closes the garage door. With billions of numbers for the code, it is next to impossible for thieves to access it now.

Safe Automatic Door Opener

As stated earlier, the garage door was changed from manual to automatic and from swinging to rolled-up. The rolled-up garage door initially posed a danger to its users because it could suddenly crash down on the head or body of a person passing through. To avoid this scenario, manufacturers upgraded the system of garage door openers. They included a sensor to detect the movement of anything or anyone, and this prevents the door from closing down or crashing.

Indeed, commercial garage doors have become more sophisticated, beautiful, and intricate compared to its earlier counterparts. That is why a lot of businesses utilize it. The convenience, safety, and benefits it provides are unprecedented, and so when you look at a garage door, think of all the developments, effort, and thought placed into it.