Home Appliance and Supply Warranties

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Warranties are really important if you are purchasing expensive items. Whether you are buying a huge whirlpool bath or a fridge with an icemaker, you will want to ensure that these products will be covered in the event something goes wrong with them that is out of your control. There will typically be a standard warranty that is locked into place, and in most cases you will have the option of purchasing an extended warranty on certain things as well. Products that operate with motors are especially prone to malfunctioning, so these warranties are a way to give you peace of mind and security in knowing that you aren’t wasting your money on a product that could break the day after you buy it.

What Things Are Typically Covered Under a Warranty?

Warranties are different for each manufacturer, and they are different for each product as well. It is really important to read the fine print of what the warranty entails before you buy the product, because some companies will limit their warranties. Some may cover parts and labour, while others might only cover parts. If your product is small, then they may even require you to pay shipping costs to send it to a manufacturer. Warranties are good from the standpoint that the company will either repair or replace your item, but they are not always what people expect them to be.

Are Extended Warranties Really Worth the Additional Money?

The words extended warranty sound great, but in reality they are usually not worth the additional money. Sometimes the fees for additional coverage can run several hundred pounds to add an additional one to four years to the life of the warranty. If you have paid a fortune for a large appliance or home product, then this may not be so bad. However, there are few items for the home that cost enough to make extended warranties worth the effort. In most cases people will find that it would really just be cheaper to pay to replace the product than it would be to pay an extended warranty that they never know if they will use or not. It is important to use your home product only for its intended use, because warranties will be voided if you do anything to the product that would be considered outside of the scope of its intended use.

It is also crucial to bear in mind that if you pay for extended warranties that they will often be renewed without consulting you.  As such you can go for months paying a monthly fee without even noticing the expenditure.  This might not sound that bad but obviously these payments add up and if they add up to more than a new appliance then it is simply not worth it.

People are also often scared of buying online because of the rumoured lack of warranties.  However, if you purchase from reputable suppliers such as Home Supply (http://www.homesupply.co.uk/) there shouldn’t be a problem with your warranty.  With many online retailers it is often easier to get a replacement than on the high street.

In short, it is best to get a warranty on an expansive appliance.  That way if it breaks in the first year or so you can get it fixed, or a replacement for free.  However, there are foot falls such as large excesses or automatic renewals that can cost more than you might anticipate and in the end might not be worth it.  Cover yourself….just make sure that you read the small print!