Oak, Pine and Ash Furniture – What’s the Difference?

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Buying new furniture can be a bit of a nightmare as there are so many different choices out there – different woods with completely different finishes. Oak, pine and ash are some of the most popular woods used for furniture, but if you’re a little unsure of what the difference is or if you want some advice before you buy, take a look at our tips below to help you work out the difference between oak, pine and ash furniture – so you can make the right choice for your home.

Oak Furniture;

Oak is a popular type of wooden furniture for many reasons. Oak is a hard wood, so oak furniture is tough, strong and can withstand a lot of use. Because oak is so tough, it’s actually pretty difficult to damage – so furniture such as an oak dressing table will last a lifetime if you look after them properly. Oak is sturdier than some other hardwoods, making it a really great choice for furniture. It comes in two basic varieties, red and white, and white oak is the most popular choice for furniture. Strong, durable and with a beautiful grain, stained or unstained oak furniture will fit into the décor of almost any home. With a warm, subtle colour, oak will also work with almost any other colour, making it perfect for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces alike. The only downside with oak furniture is that it is a little costly, but as the pieces will last a lifetime, it’s an investment worth making.

Pine Furniture;

Pine furniture is probably the most popular type of wooden furniture, as it is strong, durable and reasonably priced. Pine is also a hardwood, making it tough and strong, although it is softer than oak and it can pick up damage a little more easily. Pine can get scratched, but it can also easily be sanded down and varnished very easily. Pine furniture tends to be fairly neutral in colour, with a warm orangey tone that will work well in most homes. It also has a pretty grain, making it both attractive and durable. Because it’s a little cheaper than other wooden furniture, it’s also a great choice for those looking to save money – and it can actually look quite attractive when weathered, meaning that it would work well in a modern or old home.

Ash Furniture;

Ash furniture is a bit of an underrated choice, but it can make for a really lovely finish in your home. Ash has a similar hue to oak, although it can be a little lighter in colour – ash furniture can appear anywhere between pale grey/silver and pale orange. Ash is warm in tone, making it a great choice for family rooms and it is fairly neutral in colour meaning that it will work with almost every colour in your home. It’s a hardwood, so it is strong and durable, and because it is slightly elastic, it can withstand damage fairly easily. It’s a little more difficult to get a totally smooth finish on ash, too, as it has slightly more open pores, but this adds to the aesthetic beauty of it. Ash also tends to be a little cheaper than oak and a little more expensive than pine, so it is a great mid-range choice for furniture.