Planning a Garden Can Be As Easy As ABC

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Well anybody could plow a small area, fence it and cultivate plots to make small gardens. These are easy to say but actual works are hard enough to make anybody fully driven and committed to have one give up in the mid preparation. Let’s say no plowing. We’ll take that off the list. Then what would you do with the area then to make it ready. You must have in hand a shovel, a hoe and a rake. You don’t have the three on hand you still have to buy it.

Do you know how to buy one? Woo ho, you don’t. You must give up here? No, not yet. You did successfully bought the first two because you deemed they are the most essential and your money could only pay for the two. You are now ready to start.

You select your garden area and mark it with stakes hammered to the ground and strings that were stringed across the stakes then you have to shovel the soil to break it. Still going? Now after breaking the soil in your proposed garden area you need to crush the soil not as in very fine powder but in tiny grains to loosen soil so as not to obstruct growth of plants roots. Then mark off plots by cultivating the soil placing some spaces in between. Now you have your garden plots. Then rain came pouring in for two whole weeks with just one or two sunny days in between.

You have to dedicate those sunny days in repairing gutters, leaking roof and if you are a woman doing the laundry. Now you still want to have that garden, well I don’t know about you? I for one will wait for the fine weather and till it back to the masterpiece it was before the rains then plant some seeds and nurture them to have my dream flower garden.