Small Remodeling Projects that Add Big Value

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Whether you are investing in a property for a future sale or just wanting to add some things to make your home look nice, there are things that you can do to your home that are cost effective and add extra value.

If you have just bought your home and don’t have enough money to do a big remodelling job, then this article should show you some little features that can make all the difference.

Wasted Space

In a lot of homes there is a lot of wasted space that could utilized to make the rooms look better. For example, in the Kitchen, you could the space under shelves to hang cutlery or crockery. You could add two rows of cupboards instead of one lower row and you could add a wine bottle cabinet between two cupboards. Another element that could make the kitchen look better is to hide the dish washer or washing machine behind matching cupboard doors.

The kitchen can be updated by just changing the countertops instead of changing the whole suite. Granite counter tops are the most sought after design and they add a bit of sparkle to the decoration. If granite it too expensive, try covering the current tops with linoleum covering.

In living areas, there is always a lot of wasted space that could be better designed into a reading nook or with book shelves. A nook makes a home feel cosy with having a space where you can just sit and relax or read a book.


Just changing the fireplace can change the whole look of the living area. A fireplace gives the illusion of a warm and safe place, and adds a focal point to the room. Try getting a fireplace with a real flame instead of an artificial one as it makes the room look more inviting.

Here are some little things you can do to add character to a room:

  • Replace light fittings with a more eye catching design.
  • Refinish any wooden floors as this adds value to the property
  • Add a dining room where possible because it becomes a focal point for a family and makes a house feel more homely
  • Change the shower head in the shower, increase the size if you can to add value to your bathroom.