Spring Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

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Homeowners have often spent a lot of money to own their own property. They often buy property to live in or they buy for resale and to make a profit. To then refurbish or spring clean the home is sometimes one cost too many. It is important for home owners to take pride in their home or make the property look the best to get maximum price when they sell.


The organization of your property is one of the most important elements in your home. It can make your home look homely and tidy and it impresses prospective buyers. If you have a wardrobe that is filled to the brim with clothing, then think about separating the clothing into sections and using inserts to display your shoes.

If you have spare space on a wall that looks a bit bare, you can always fit shelving and have your books or other possessions on display. Make sure that these areas are tidy and there is some pattern to your organization.

Bronze Accents

This is a tip that I learnt whilst working as a cleaner. This tip is to replace costly cleaning products and get a ‘like-new’ shine to your bronze accents. The tip is to use lemon mixed with water and use old newspaper to scrub away any dirt. You will not believe how shiny your accents will be. I have never used cleaning products on my bronze, since I learnt this tip.


Sometimes there can be an odour in your home following a stain or cooking foods in the kitchen, like fish and garlic, that just will not go away. No matter how many products you use, or how often you scrub, the smell is still there. Now this is a weird little tip that I would never have figured out by myself, but it works. Cut an onion in half, leave it in the room where the stench is the strongest, for a few days and the smell will be gone.

Silver Chrome Taps

The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that see the most usage, and are therefore the rooms that can be the most dirty. The silver accents on taps and sinks can often become dull with dirt and mildew. The key to cleaning these areas is to use a mixture of cider vinegar and salt. Rub the mixture into the taps with a cloth and then rinse clean. The taps will now look brand new.