When To Replace Your Furnace

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There are certain things you can watch out for that tell you your furnace needs to be replaced. They are quite simple things to look for and you don’t need to wait for the service to tell you that your furnace needs replaced.

Have you recently moved house?

If you have recently moved into a new property then it is impertinent that you check the age and working order of the furnace. If the furnace is more than 15 years old then it might be time to buy a new one. Older furnaces are more expensive to run and are less energy efficient. You might need to get a service man in to check for any cracks or weak areas in the heat exchanger, because leaks release carbon-monoxide.

What to look for?

  • Have a look at your bills and see if they have been rising over the last few months. A less efficient furnace runs longer to produce the same amount of heat. Therefore, if your bills are rising it could signify that you need a new furnace
  • Have you been getting the repairman out more frequently lately? If you need more repairs, more often then this is a sign that you need a new furnace. A furnace needs more repairs during the last two years of its life.
  • Check the flame on your furnace, if the flame is yellow, then you need to buy a new one because it is releasing carbon-monoxide. The correct colour of the flame is blue.
  • If you have noticed excessive moisture on your windows and table tops then it is a sign that your furnace is releasing carbon-monoxide and needs to be replaced.
  • Noise pollution – If your furnace starts making more noise than usual, it is making loud bangs or even unusual sounds, then it needs to be replaced.
  • A working furnace should heat your house efficiently. If you are constantly turning the thermostat up and down, in rooms all over the house, then the furnace is no longer operating correctly.

I have given you some things to check for, but if you are not sure, then it is always best to check with a professional. It may cost you a little bit of money but no price is too high to keep your family safe and well