Why Are New Boilers A Valuable Household Commodity?

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A pivotal part of every household, the boiler is the unsung hero of our home. An appliance which is often kept from view and rarely considered, our boilers perform a vital function throughout the year but rarely receive the recognition they deserve.

From eco-benefits to financial savings, here’s a brief look at why boilers are a valuable household commodity.

Save money

The first consideration many households make when reviewing an appliance is over the cost. A new boiler comes with an average price tag of £2,000 but with a well maintained unit lowering energy consumption and associated bills by 10%, this cost is usually recovered within 6 years of purchase.

Boilers are responsible for more than half the average home energy bill (55%) so any boiler costs you encounter when replacing or updating your existing model could prove a shrewd investment. When choosing your boiler you’ll primarily have to pick between a condensing and non-condensing unit; the former is the best option boasting 90% efficiency compared to the non-condensing boiler’s 75% and equating to a £150 saving for a typical semi-detached property.

Green footprint

Of course the financial savings aren’t the only positive feature of boilers – they’re also largely responsible for the size of your carbon footprint and your home’s eco-status. A high efficiency condensing boiler, whilst able to save households around £200 a year, also significantly reduces energy consumption and gives you an undeniably green carbon footprint.

How much your carbon emissions and environmental impact are lessened by depends on how big a change you make with your new boiler. Upgrading from a G rated model (less than 70% efficient) to an A rated unit saves around 1,200kg of CO2 per year. If changing from a D rated model a sizeable 430kg of CO2 is still saved.

Heart of the home

Perhaps the most obvious reason why boilers are an important commodity is that they are responsible for two of our most basic amenities: home heating and hot water. Evidence of their value is easily found with a recent news report detailing how a spate of robberies had seen 32 separate complaints made about boiler thefts or attempted thefts in the city of Preston over a 6 month period.

Acknowledging the role boilers play in our home is the first step to getting the most from them. Once you’ve established their importance you must then evaluate their efficiency and performance in your own home. This means determining whether the size of your boiler matches the capacity of your household and having it regularly serviced to ensure it is performing at its optimum level.

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