5 Design Tips for Creating the Perfect Dining Room

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Over the years, dining rooms have faded into the background as secondary reception rooms; a spare room for unwanted items, a storage cupboard for the miscellaneous. Family dining tables have slowly become prime positions for laptops, books and briefcases, and TV dinners have become a common theme in modern households.

But there’s still room for classic family dining and it all starts with creating a desirable dining room for everyone to enjoy. If you are thinking about redecorating your dining area for evening family meals, that weekly Sunday roast that everyone looks forward to or for entertaining visitors and guests, here are 5 fantastic tips to help you create the perfect dining room.

1. Create a focal point – whether this is an extravagant chandelier over your dining table or a centerpiece / table top ornament, you should always create a central focus point in the room.  This is a great way to drawing attention and interest to the most important piece in the entire room; the dining table.

2. Choose a soothing colour scheme – many traditional dining rooms are over complicated with heavy patterns and dark colours. Choose something a little more relaxing and lighter so you don’t take away from the purpose of the room. Make it a light and airy room with beautiful neutral shades but don’t select colours that are too cool, which have the potential for a cool ‘bathroom feel’.

3. Use an extending dining table – extending dining tables are so versatile. They give you the option of intimate dining or a dining for a larger party, making them ideal for both family meals and dinner parties. Get Dining Table and 6 Chairs from Top Furniture online.

4. Keep your room free from clutter – a cluttered dining room can make your room unappealing for the whole family and can actually put family members off from using it. Keep clutter away from the dining room and make sure your table is free from work such as books or laptops. Make sure the walkway around the table and chairs is clear so people can access it easily and set the table with stylish crockery for a finished look.

5. Decorate with fresh flowers – whether you treat yourself to a bunch of designer flowers from the florist, hand pick some from your garden or purchase some artificial bouquets, flowers can really bring your room to life. Add a splash of colour and a pretty touch of nature to create the perfect dining room finish!