A Beginners Guide to Yard Maintenance

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An unkempt yard only signifies two things, either you do not care enough for your property, or you are trying to turn it into a haunted area with all the overgrown grass and creepy facade. Aside from giving your place a well-manicured look, a properly maintained yard cleans the air, thus making it helpful for people who often have allergies, as well as asthma attacks. If you consider yourself a noob in summer yard maintenance , do not worry because by reading the guide below, you will have a polished yard that your neighbors will envy.

Lawn Care in a Nutshell

Lawn care begins by determining the pH level of the soil. For that, you need to contact the county extension office in the area. They will tell you what to do, but in most cases, you just have to give a soil sample. As directed, fertilize the lawn with potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. The following can be easily bought in garden centers, plus it is inexpensive and helpful for your yard because it neutralizes the pH of the soil.

Choose a fine textured fertilizer because it is easier to manipulate using the rake. Then, apply the compost evenly on the lawn; use a shovel if you have one. Take care not to overdo the amount of the compost because it will not give you the right result, instead put a thin layer on top of the grass. Next, rake the compost to spread it evenly. Afterwards, you can now water the area for 10-20 minutes. This process is done for 2-3 times a year to achieve a perfectly healthy lawn.

Call On the Experts

If you think the whole process is bothersome and time consuming, you can always call for help. There are lawn care services that are ready to help you with your yard maintenance. Instead of trimming, pruning, mowing, shoveling, and watering it on your lonesome, you can always delegate it to experts who will do it much better for a reasonable price.

Yard maintenance is a must for homeowners because of the benefits and beautiful aesthetic it can give. The process tends to be long and tedious so you need to be dedicated when doing it, not to mention you have to set aside some time. If you simply do not have both of those, then a good advice is to call on the experts.