Choosing the Right Lighting Options for Your Home

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When it comes to optimising your space and creating the right atmosphere in your home, lighting is extremely important. The amount of light in a room can determine how appealing it looks and how spacious it feels; in fact, a trick of the light can make your floor space suddenly grow dramatically.

Natural light is always the best choice for making your home feel light, energetic and spacious so choosing the best window design can really enhance your property. But another important factor to bear in mind is your choice in light fittings.

Before you decide which light fittings suit your room the best, the first thing you need to do is determine what you lighting goal is. Do you want an atmospheric room? Do you want to be able create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere? Do you want bright lighting to create a light and airy space? Here are a range of different lighting options to consider for each room of your house:

  • Wall lights – wall lights are great for any room in the house. They can often light up a dark hallway or create a stylish feature on your living room wall. They also offer location based lighting solutions for your bedside.
  • Traditional lamps – standing lamps or floor lamps are not only a great lighting solution for the evening when you need a mood generator but they are also a great feature to have in the home.
  • Spotlights – spotlights are fantastic lighting solutions if you need bright lighting for practical reasons. Spotlights are popular for bathrooms and kitchens where your space needs to be well lit for the task in hand. They are great for beautifying and perfect for aiding your cooking. For spotlights, please visit
  • Downlighters – downlights emit light in a downward direction and are ideal if you need a beam of light for precision. The light is clear and bright, making it a popular choice if you need practical lighting solutions for the home. These lights are perfect for home offices or study rooms.
  • Dimmer lights and simmer switches – these are perfect for the living room or the bedroom, or anywhere where you may want to wind down and relax in the evening. Dimmer lights are an alternative to having full light and gives your room a great atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing on your own.