Consider a Pond for Landscape Accents

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A well-tended lawn is far more than just the space between the house and the trees, it’s an objective in and of itself.  But for a lawn to be the best it can be, it needs accents and variety–in other words, not pure grass from wall to wall.

One of the most attractive things to add to a lawn is a decorative pond.  The presence of water has a soothing effect as we listen to the gurgling and watch the light play off the rippling water.  Kind of makes you relax just to read it, doesn’t it?

A decorative pond also creates an opportunity to landscape.  It can be difficult to select a random site in your yard and create a flower bed on it, or to select a location for placement of shrubs.  Without a few accents, a pond is just a wet place, so bring it to life.

Putting in fixed objects like ponds and trees creates two distinctive areas that need a transition.  Moving the eyes from the grass to the flowers to the pond creates a pleasing effect.

And you can choose to do more than scatter a few plants along the edge of your pond.  Gazebos, docks, fountains, bridges, and many other elements look right at home with a body of water.  Building a pond opens all kinds of doors to do things that just don’t make sense without one!  And traditional features like patios take on new life in the context of a pond.

Ponds require the right materials and installation.  Click here to see what quality products are available to make your pond successful.  On the micro scale, a kiddie pool-sized pond is fairly simple, but a larger one takes more work.

The proper operation is critical as well.  Grandpa’s farm pond was in no way intended to be decorative.  It was a functional structure for watering livestock, and its complete lack of aesthetic value was clearly evident in the algae and moss that littered its murky depths.

That is not the pond you are after.  Stagnation is the cosmetic enemy of ponds, so you must fight it at every turn. In addition, runoff from your lawn fertilizers will exacerbate algae problems.  Lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water stay largely clean because of the huge amount of water flow they have.

That’s not practical for a pond.  The volume of water that needs to move in and out of a pond daily to ward of algae is impractical for a home-based pond.  A good pump is the only way to do that effectively.  These devices will pull the pond’s water in and discharge it, airborne, back into the pond.  This keeps the water oxygenated for fish…and against plants.

Of course, a pump requires power.  It’s not necessary to operate a pump around the clock to keep the upper hand on aquatic weeds, so there’s no need to run a hundred yards of wire and conduit to your new creation.  Invest in a good generator for regular use at the pond.  It will come in handy for any of a multitude of other purposes too.

There’s nothing like having a good excuse to do some more landscaping.  A decorative pond adds beauty and character to the landscape and provides limitless opportunities for its own enhancement.  Build it right and enjoy.