Five French Bedroom Furniture Must-Have Pieces

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The French bedroom look can be achieved with five key pieces, and with these five must-have pieces, you can transform an ordinary bedroom into a stunning French boudoir or a shabby chic country bedroom.

Today, there French bedroom look can be translated in so many different ways, taking influences from the French countryside, the cute and cosy apartments of Montmartre or the expensive properties found in Neuilly sur Seine.

Whatever look you’re aiming for, here are the five must-have pieces to complete your bedroom design:

1. The French bed – a French bedroom is not complete without an oversized and over the top French bed. This includes a dramatic headboard, gorgeous flowing fabrics and plenty of pillows and decorative cushions for added comfort.  If you want to browse a full range of beautiful French beds, make sure you visit Lovers Lounge – Buy French Bedroom Furniture Online.

2. The French mirror – every French bedroom needs a large French mirror. Not only are mirrors there for practical use, but they are big features when it comes to interior design and they create a stunning focal point in the room. A French mirror can be recognised by the intricate design detail in the frame and can often transform a room immediately.

3. The classic French wardrobe – the classic wardrobe is a great investment piece and a great finishing touch to any French bedroom. There are so many styles of French wardrobes available and they can be grand and extravagant to cute and distressed.

4. French drawers – a set of drawers is a wonderful way of completing your furniture collection as well as creating ample storage space for all of your clutter. Many homeowners and interior designers like to get a matching wardrobe and drawers set for a uniform look. But if you want to get that shabby chic look for your bedroom, mixing and matching old, used furniture pieces is a great idea too.

5. A French upholstered chair – whether you opt for the grand upholstered French chair or you choose a minimalistic and modest wooden chair with signs of natural ageing and distress, a chair placed in an empty corner, next to your bed or by your dressing area, is a wonderful way to add that final finishing touch. A stylish chair not only makes your entire bedroom look complete,  but it has its practical uses for storage or keeping  your clothes off the floor.