Freshen Up Your Home for Summer

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The dark cold months of winter can leave us all feeling blue and keen to welcome the summer to improve our moods, energy levels and our surroundings. Everything can feel dull and bland, as the misery of winter is upon us, what better way to celebrate the warmer season then by freshening up yourself and your surroundings. The arrival of summer encourages people to revamp their wardrobes with summery clothes of bright colours and pretty fabrics, why can’t this be done in the home too?

A way of maintaining your positive mood throughout the summer, coming home to a bright and fresh home every day can ensure your elevated mood stays with you long after the sun has set.

There are many ways in which you can ensure your house reflects your new bright outlook without having to spend vast sums of money.

Spring Clean

This is one of the most well known forms of house care and maintenance. A typical chore most women indulged in throughout the years, welcoming the spring days by cleaning away the negativity of the winter. Making sure every nook and cranny in the home is clear of dust and positively sparkles is the best way to turn your back on the winter. A house can look completely different in the darker days as it does in the sunlight. Cleaning your surroundings can make you feel energetic and relaxed when returning home and will support the idea of the house being a place to escape to.

New Furnishings

If you have the budget, new furnishings can completely rejuvenate a home and transform its look. Something simple to a new coffee table or a new three piece suite can be good investments and begin to change the look and feel of a house in the most subtle of ways. Not every item of furniture needs to be changed to achieve this, just small pieces even as small as a cushion or throw and can be done in any space to change the appearance of the room.

Re-Arrange Rooms

If you just can’t part with current items within a room, or cannot afford to replace them, simply changing the layout of the furniture can give the room a new feel. Whether it makes the most of the space, creates a cosy feel or just gives the room a refreshed ambience, it doesn’t matter as long as the look you wish to create is achieved. This is by far the most cost effective of all revamping methods, although can be slightly time consuming and may require someone to do the heavy lifting!

Complete Re-decoration

The most time consuming and expensive choice, a complete home or room overhaul is an option that all would ideally love to do if money and time were not serious considerations. There is nothing nicer than having an entirely new room or home with freshly painted walls and brand new furniture. Although an expensive project, it is still cheaper than moving to a new residence. It may even be worthwhile hiring painters, decorators and even an interior designer for those with no budget considerations. A new look and style can be achieved entirely either in one room, selected rooms or the entire house. A fresh look, for a fresh season.

The bedrooms, of all household rooms, are typically the first choice when considering a new look and freshen up for the summer months. The bedroom is probably the most important room in the house with so much time being spent it and the desire to be re-energised after leaving it. Changing bedding, furnishings and colour are the best ways to overhaul its current appearance.

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