Home Improvements to Sell Your House

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If you’re looking to sell your house but all interest stops after the viewing, then perhaps it’s time to take another look at what you’re trying to sell. Take a look around your house as a buyer- is there too much of your personality in your decor? Is everything clean and tidy?

A careful balance needs to be struck between the quality of the improvements, the extent of them, and how much you spend. Big improvements don’t always translate into sales- there is no guarantee that it’ll up the price or confirm a sale.

Refresh Your Home

The simplest improvements help the buyer to imagine themselves living in the property. Neutral decor, clean and uncluttered rooms and a fresh coat of paint can mean that your house looks well presented and looked after. Focus on the condition of your interior and potential buyers will know that you have cared for your home.

Bigger Projects

If you’re really serious about selling your home for a good price and will increase your chances of a quick sale, then projects like installing central heating, double glazing, insulation, a new kitchen or bathroom. These types of projects often add value to your house above what they actually cost. Generally speaking, they can add twice the value of the work to the price of your property.

Avoid DIY Disasters

With such a large profit margin, it is tempting to do most of the work yourself. If however, you are attempting a project that you don’t have the skills for, you should definitely get a professional in to do the work from the beginning. A project could end up going horribly wrong and you’ll have to get a professional in to fix it anyway, so it wouldn’t add any more on to the value as you’ll have already spent the profit on a pro.

Selling Your House Quickly

If you’re still having trouble selling your house, or you can’t afford to do any of the repair work that desperately needs doing, then you should consider a company such as Property Rescue. Property Rescue sells houses fast and will buy them whatever condition so you’re guaranteed a sale.  There are no hidden charges, no chain and no upfront fees. This is great for those who need a quick, stress free alternative to the red tape and the bureaucracy of the housing market.