How to Create a Great Home Cinema Experience

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Never before has it been so easy to watch high definition movies in the comfort of your own home. Viewers are spoilt for choice and can now choose to watch Blu-Ray disks or take advantage of the dozens of streaming websites that offer high quality downloadable content. Whatever you choose, investing in high quality home cinema equipment is essential to squeeze every pixel and high definition sound from your chosen home entertainment system.


Possibly the most essential component of your home entertainment system is your television. Gone are the days of the big bulky box in the corner. In the past televisions were all very similar. Over the last twenty years, technological innovation has resulted in vast improvements and modern televisions now come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit all domestic settings. In addition, an expansion of global manufacturing has driven prices down, so customers upgrading can be sure that they are getting good value for money.

The very latest innovation is the 3D television, which brings an immersive cinematic three dimensional experience to the domestic audience. However, not all 3D televisions produce the same quality picture. You should look for picture depth without losing resolution or detail. Movement should be smooth without ‘ghosting’. A good test for this is to watch a live sports event where the ball should move without a double image. Glasses should be able to be worn for extended periods without the feeling of discomfort. 3D does not work well on a smaller screen. As a general rule ‘big is best’ and 32″ is the minimum size. Aim to buy the biggest you can afford.

Players and recorders

There are many different high definition content players on the market at the moment and they work in a variety of ways. Most people will go for a DVD recorder and player of some design. However, modern disk players come with a whole host of features, of which the ability to play from Blu-Ray disks is but one. You will need a player which has the ability to output in 3D. However, you should also try to look for a player which is internet-enabled. Internet capability opens your home entertainment system up to a range of streaming media and subscription based services with which you can use pay-per-view to access a library of thousands of movie titles, many of which are streamed in high definition.

Amplifier and speakers

Your system should be complemented by a high quality set of speakers which will be powered by a receiver or amplification unit. For the full cinematic experience, as a minimum you should make sure that this system is surround sound rather than simple stereo. 5.1 sound is an entry level system which uses six speakers to surround you with audio and enhance your viewing experience. Many systems now use 7.1 surround sound which utilises eight channels to place you in the centre of the movie world.

Jason Green is a seasoned technology writer and an expert in home cinema. He writes for a number of websites and printed media. He knows that a high quality DVD recorder and player are essential components of any home entertainment system.