How to Get a French Country Look for Your Bedroom

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‘Parisian Chic’ or ‘French Country Cottage’ have been two of the most popular and most desirable interior design trends in recent years, with so many famous interior designers and TV interior design experts advocating this look as the ultimate measure of style and luxury.

The look itself is admired all around the world and has been inspired by the sentimentally-cute cottage designs from the Pop-Victorian times when primitive styles became popular. Today, the French bedroom look comes in many different forms, taking inspiration from all areas of France; from the large country homes in the beautiful Alsace to the winding roads and narrow apartments of Montmartre, Paris, there’s a style to suit all homes.

Transforming Your Bedroom into French Shabby Chic

The shabby chic look is a great look throughout the home but if you don’t have a large cottage as your canvas, and only have an urban apartment, a great place to start is the bedroom.  Here are some tips on creating that French boho look in your bedroom:

  • Create a central feature with your bed – a French bedroom always makes the bed the biggest and most important feature. Choose this first and make everything else fit around it. The bed is the most luxurious purchase you should be making. Visit And So To Bed for a full range of French style beds.
  • Invest in old furniture – if there’s an auction house or second hand furniture shop near you, make sure you stop by and have a look for wardrobes and drawers. You will be surprised at how many unwanted gems you may find and sometimes, with a little restoration work, you will have the perfect naturally aged furniture look for your home. The distressed look is exactly what shabby chic and French furniture is all about so it doesn’t matter if you find a few scuffs or marks on your second hand goods.
  • Invest in beautiful curtain fabrics – forget modern blinds or cheap curtains. Choose thick and luxurious fabrics and find flowing curtains that can transform your country chic bedroom into something a little more luxurious.  Go for extravagant prints with gold trim for a Parisian palace or something simple and plain for a country chic look.
  • Decorate with frames and ornaments – clutter isn’t forbidden when it comes to the French furniture look. Mismatching frames can often look stylish and it can give your room a genuine shabby chic look.