How to Keep Your House Cool without AC?

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Summertime is a few months away, and with it comes the humid air, wet clothes, sticky skin, and any other uncomfortable feeling you can think of. Aside from drinking a lot of liquids, as well as submerging the whole body on the ocean or pool, many individuals resort to using air conditioning to cool off. However, not all are blessed to own one, or even if they do, some homeowners refuse to use it because of the high electricity cost. If you are one of them, you are probably wondering what else you can do to feel cooler without it. Well, the answers to your questions are found below.

Let the Air In

To have a cooler environment, proper ventilation is needed. Aside from the ceiling fans that you can install and use, the windows plays a huge role in achieving the desired outcome. A small window will not let the air in, so if you have the budget, you should consider replacing it with bigger ones. There are many types and designs that you can choose from; it is up to you as a homeowner to see what suits the theme of your house, as well as your personality.

For the time being, you can remove the blinds and curtains to let the breeze in. If you are worried that your neighbors will see your activities, and you are hesitant to open the windows because of security reasons, you can always invest in reflective window films to maintain privacy while lessening the glare and heat of the sun. You can simply match it with your bigger, better, newly replaced window to make your house feel and look cooler.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Installers

Replacing your window is not an easy feat, especially if you do not have the know-how. By getting the right contractors or installers to do it for you, you will not have any problems with this process, plus they will advice you regarding the best window you can use for proper cooling and even insulation. Do not hesitate to contact them anytime because they will install it better than anyone else.

Summer is a stone throws away, and you do not want to experience that icky feeling that you are dreading. Stay cool during this season by simply following the tips mentioned. Installing a new window is by far a cheaper and more permanent solution than turning that AC on.