How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

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Many home owners are deprived with their plumbing system based on its performance and sanitary. This is because they are not aware that most of these cases are brought by the lack of maintenance especially on the pipelines on the tub.

Understanding the clog drains

After constant use of the tub, home owners may not be aware of the developing clog in the pipes or a leaking faucet. This may be brought by the lack of maintenance and due to rust and algae development or weather changes. When the bathtub drain is clog during cold seasons then home owners should check the heating system. At this stage, hiring a plumber to check on the heating system to ensure that there would be no frozen pipes that caused the bathtub drain to clog. They give quick solutions for the heating problems whether it would refer to: the radiators, broilers, heating system power flush.

Some home owners have skills in fixing the water heating system as well as plumbing. In such a way, they can unclog the bathtub drains with no worries however they fixing it alone can be difficult. Since there are many types of bathtub styles, drains and pipes can also come in different situation. Some tubs are built in which is much difficult to fix. On the other hand, if the reason for the clog is not because of the frozen pipes then it could be mold build-up and more. As such, special chemicals or agents are used to melt down some of these molds or the things that caused it to clog.

In some cases, tub drains are protected with a top layer of drain which will capture the hair and other small particles that it can easily catch. Cleaning the top layer of the drain is easy can be removed by using a small hook to remove hair and so forth. To make sure that there would be lesser clogs in the future, purchasing a drain protection is necessary. This will help reduce clogs in the future and will also lessen the expenses when hiring professional cleaners to do so.

There are many ways to unclog a bathtub drain however it is difficult to do so since there are different types of bathtub. Therefore, home owners should make sure that they have purchased the right clog solution for their bathtub before using the tub again.