Industrial Scales, Weighing Equipment, and Material Handling

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NTEP or not? Does it really matter? Industrial scales are necessary for all types of business, but if you don’t have legal for trade scales, then you can have a big problem on your hands. When you have a legal for trade or NTEP scale, then you have a standard. It’s important to comply with government standards.

platform scales

Commercial weighing requires that manufacturers stick to an equal footing with other businesses. That’s why your floor scales have to be legal for trade. Thankfully, you can find a huge inventory of NTEP-approved, legal for trade industrial scales at If you are buying or selling any items that are bought per weight, then you have to have a legal for trade scale. You can see a variety of platform scales at in addition to pallet and forklift scales, livestock weighing systems and much more. If you work in any kind of warehouse, drum weighing or Gaylord weighing, it’s essential that you get a scale to handle the challenges that you’ll face.

Floor scales make it simple and easy to measure even the most large and bulky of items. Finding a legal for trade retailer can be difficult. All NTEP-approved scales are labelled as such on so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. With a lot of experience and detail, you can make a difference in the way that people buy and use floor scales to their advantage. With a good floor scale, you can also satisfy your customers in a way that makes them want to do more business with you.