Moving Abroad: Your List of Things to Do

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Moving abroad or to another country can be a very stressful life event, and most people focus all of their attention on the moving itself, and tend to forget about all the wonderful possibilities that will be afforded them when they live somewhere else. However, it needn’t be like this, as proper planning, organisation and a level head will mean that you can be excited about you new life in a new country.

A Year Before You Leave

If you’re lucky enough to know that you’re moving abroad a hole year before you do it, or perhaps you’ve just made the decision, it’s time to start sorting out all you stuff. De-cluttering slowly as the days count down and streamlining your life will make it easier and cheaper when it comes to moving across the world.

3 Months Before

If you haven’t already, you need to get quotes from removal companies. You need to get two or three quotes as early as possible to make sure you get the best deal.

You should apply for any relevant visas or permits, and start planning what you will do with your pets and/or your car.

You need to start researching where you want to live too, i.e. the best areas as well as the best places to find cool new friends.

2 Months To Go

At this point, if you haven’t found somewhere to live, book a trip over to your new country to find your new home. Depending on how long you’ve been at your job, it may be time to hand in your resignation.

Purge your belongings. Sell, bin or give them to charity and get rid of most of your things. You can always buy new stuff. Confirm the booking with the removal company to take the things that you can’t part with.

1 Month To Go

Start eating all your food. Yep, even that quinoa that you haven’t eaten since you tried to be a vegan for a week.  Or, give to charity or a friend.

Tell everyone you’re leaving, including the landlady, the bank, your utility bill providers and any other monthly direct debits.

Throw a leaving party for all your friends and family.

Start packing everything, starting with things you don’t need. Eventually you’ll end up with just the essentials.

1 Week To Go

Make sure you have all the important documents that you need- passport, birth certificate, visas, etc. Check everything one more time, including going over the final details with your moving manager.

Pack your luggage for your journey.

Leaving Day

Move abroad!