My Experience With Instruments and Music

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Growing up in a family full of musicians and music lovers meant that I was destined to play some sort of instrument. At first I showed no signs of interest or skills for music, but as I got older I got more familiar and comfortable with music. The reality was that even though I was not passionate about music I did have some skills at playing different instruments. I excelled at the piano as well as the guitar and showed some aptitude with a flute. I love the piano because it was the one instrument that you had to play sitting down.

Once I got into highschool I was introduced to little martin guitars and began playing those everyday after school. It became an obsession of mine to escape the rigorous schooling lessons and test that I had to take everyday. Once I got out of highschool I still had no love for instruments, but was grateful for them. Playing music helped me escape from many problems that I dealt with during this time.