Storage Solutions for the Bedroom

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Your bedroom is a place of rest and should be a relaxing and comfortable space, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom is easy once you know how; with some clever design tricks, a smart use of colours and some good storage solutions, you can make each bedroom in your home feel like the perfect place of rest.

Clutter in the bedroom can be a downfall in homes today, so smart design and cooling colour schemes alone won’t help you. You need clever storage solutions to keep your space as clutter-free as possible.

Here are some great ideas for storage solutions in the bedroom:

1. Under bed storage – whether you love metal bed frames or strong wooden structures, under bed storage is one of the best storage solutions for the bedroom. If your bed does not come with built in drawers, you can create your own using shallow baskets or storage boxes; these can be hidden under the bed and if you want to keep them completely concealed, you can use a long valance sheet to keep everything secreted away from the eye. For beds with built in storage, please visit Revival Beds.

2. Above wardrobe storage – if your wardrobe has a flat surface at the top, this could be a great place to keep a pretty wicker basket or a stylish storage box. Diving your wardrobe into winter/summer clothing is a also a great way of keeping your wardrobe free of clutter and unworn items can always be stored away in a storage box until the season changes again.

3. Blanket chests – blanket chests are great for adding a finishing touch to a bedroom. They usually sit nicely at the end of your bed or by your window and can provide you with extra seating in your bedroom whilst keeping your space tidy with that extra storage inside. Blanket chests are perfect for storing towels and extra blankets for the winter but they are also great for hiding away any general clutter.

4. Mirror with storage – if you need a mirror for your bedroom, there are some mirrors which can now provide you with a tall and flat storage surface. Spaces like this are suitable for storing shoes or handbags. This is a great way of keeping your floor space tidy and free from the everyday clutter of slippers, bags and other items.