Tips to Keep your Wall and Ceilings Clean

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Keeping a home clean all the time is a difficult task. It is not just the floor that needs to be cleaned all the time but as much possible along with the walls and ceilings. You can’t afford a friend looking up and seeing cob webs or a guest who gets some stains after hitting your walls. Despite having paints, these parts of the house gets dirty and needs to be cleaned from time to time. No worries, a lot of natural remedies can be done to keep your ceiling and wall clean all the time.

Make Your Own Natural Solution Rather Than Use Detergents

You can start mixing water, vinegar, ammonia and some baking soda to make a strong cleaning detergent for walls and ceilings. This is very effective especially if you are dealing with walls stains (crayons, paints). These solutions can also be used individually but using them together is strongly recommended as long as you know how to make the right solution. Use a soft cloth, soak it with your mixed solution and star wiping stains off your wall and ceiling.

Have a Game Plan When Cleaning

Do not just start cleaning wherever you want to. Start from the top going down hence it is better to start cleaning on your ceiling then go down to the wall. There are types of walls that doesn’t need too much cleaning and can be ruined when cleaned with a mixed solution or detergent hence make sure to know which part of the wall needs some wiping and not. Decorative tiles for once don’t need to be washed with detergents because a simple damp cloth will do to clean it.

When cleaning your walls and ceilings avoid cleaning everything along the way. Focus on the part of the house that needs cleaning. Set aside the furniture for other time if they need cleaning too. If you are cleaning your room’s ceiling, take out the furniture first and move around your bed to avoid adding dirt to it. The same thing when cleaning your walls, focus on the wall and do not touch your furniture along the way. This can save you more time when.