Tips to Prepare Interior Wood

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Ronseal products are famously known for making interior wood look great. The key to being able to do this is making sure that the wood is prepared correctly. This will make sure the wood will be in the best shape possible after you put the products on.

wood waxes and oils


You have to make sure that all surfaces are free from grease, oil and wax. You can do this by applying white spirit on a cloth and wiping the surface. This help in making sure whatever product you use on the wood reacts well with the wood to give the best finish available.

Bare Wood

On bare wood you will need to sand to smooth all the parts of the surface with sandpaper. If you have stained or weathered the wood previously then you should ensure that it is sanded, washed with white spirit and then allowed to dry thoroughly. Finally you can remove dust with a damp cloth. We do not recommend using steel wool during this process.

Varnished Wood

On varnished wood, you should start by removing all unsound varnish. After you do this you can sand well with medium grade sandpaper so that all the surface looks the same. Once you do this you can clean with white spirit and then then allow the surface to dry thoroughly.


For the best possible finish it might be more beneficial to use a high quality brush designed for applying finishes. This will make sure that you have even distrubtion of the product you decide to apply and that no bristles get stuck in the product. This will lead to the best finish for your surface.

With regards to products you can use Ronseal have a great range of interior and exterior products available to purchase today from any retailer. You could use Ronseal’s Decking Stain on your exterior products. Click here if you wish to get more information on Ronseal’s teak oil products.