Types of Access Control Systems to Protect Sensitive Locations

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Access control keypadsAccess control system provides flexible control in managing entrance and exit in a house or building. It is a low cost, easy to maintain solution to improve security in these structures. Many offices require only authorized personnel to access sensitive premises. This is also applicable in homes especially when you need to provide good security for the children. One can employ Access control keypads to prevent illicit visitors with hidden motives.

Types of access control systems

1) Entry swipe card – The system uses magnetic strips including relevant information about the card user. He is given unique identification number for entry or exit. A card reader thoroughly scans the strip before he is allowed or forbidden entry. It is a cost efficient solution for building security.

2) Biometric scanners – This system will need information about the biological component of a certain individual. Most probable components used in the system are finger prints, eye and palm print scanners. Few companies prefer to install voice control machines for authentication. These are more secure than swipe cards. And the technology is relatively cheaper.

3) Access control keypads – This system utilizes alphanumeric or numeric keypad systems. It only permits access when a correct security code is inserted. The system can be reprogrammed if there are alternations. Each user is given a unique code; hence there is no one to tamper this system.

4) Video surveillance – Security can observe sensitive premises from illegal entry. This is a great security measure and easy to use. You just have to employ cameras for site scrutiny. This is where CCTV comes in which comes in different varieties. It can perform superior pixel resolutions and rotational angles. It can even do a job well at night.

In some organizations, the access control system is used to monitor time keeping and can be integrated into the payroll system. This is also used to verify the credibility of suppliers. However, to ensure safety and security in all premises, the system is integrated with CCTV to monitor all those coming in and out include clients, staff and suppliers.