Warm Kitchen Accents Perfect for the Java Junkie

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For many, the smell of freshly brewed coffee is the most inviting aroma that can come from the kitchen.  Rich and fragrant, coffee gets us going and some days it can keep us going when we need more than a cup!  Many people love to celebrate their love of coffee with a coffee-infused decorative scheme.  Themed kitchens are fun and inviting; with a coffee theme, you’ll discover that you can decorate as formal or informal as you like.  The following ideas will get you thinking about your java makeover:

Warm Coffee Tones

The colours associated with coffee are warm and welcoming.  From deep chocolaty browns to earthy beiges, a coffee colour palette lends itself to sophisticated styles as well as invitingly rustic spaces.  A scheme of browns, tans, and beiges is also the perfect backdrop for incorporating other colours, such as the colours of the various kitchen accessories you’ll include in your design plan.  Your favourite coffee-props might also inspire you to create a singular colour scheme for your kitchen.

Celebrate the Bean!

When decorating your kitchen with a java theme, consider bringing in the coffee bean as well as images of the coffea plant—that magical botanical that gives us coffee beans!  Fill clear glass jars of various shapes with coffee beans and place on a shelf or near your coffee maker.  Hang prints of the coffea plant on a kitchen wall or perhaps even vintage photographs of coffee plantations of yesteryear.

Viennese Kaffeehaus

You can give your kitchen a regal coffee makeover by celebrating Vienna’s nineteenth-century coffeehouse style.  Vienna’s most glamorous coffee houses were rich and decadent, yet sophisticated and comfortable.  Include colours like chocolate browns, antique gold, and Tuscan yellows.  Add sumptuous draperies to complement rich wood features.  Elegant lighting features or even a chandelier will help you transform your kitchen with Viennese style.  As the Viennese Kaffeehaus is still world-famous, you’ll be able to find plenty of images for inspiration!

Parisian Café Style

Paris lends itself to so many decorative themes, but the café style is perfect for the kitchen!  As you consider brown and beige for your colour scheme, add red, along with elegant touches of black.  Add café-style seating to your kitchen; you can include great vintage photos of Parisians at such tables enjoying coffee while relaxing outside French cafes.  Instead of photos, consider framing large vintage coffee posters and advertisements for your wall.  Don’t forget the telltale café chalkboard denoting what types of coffee you’ll be brewing each day!

Coffee’s Roots

If you are also after a natural décor style, consider celebrating the coffee plantation.  Coffee sacks of burlap might be refashioned as wall art, or even remade as simple curtains.  Lush tropical greens tend to go well with browns and tans.  Consider bright photographs of the places where the coffea plant grows—Columbia, Sumatra and Hawaii—for instance.  You might also include antique coffee relics, like early brew systems or vintage coffee mugs.

Exotic Flair: Turkish Coffee Please

You can really rev up your decorative scheme with the romance of a Turkish coffee house.  With Turkish style lanterns and prints of old Constantinople or people enjoying Turkish coffee, you’ll create a fabulous look for the kitchen.  Complement this style with curtains reminiscent of Turkish designs and patterns.  Bring in gold decanters or jars for the shelves to brighten up the space with the traditional Turkish vessels, which are closely associated with coffee culture.

There are many ways coffee can inspire and inform your kitchen décor.  Visit various coffeehouses and check out their accents; you may find many creative ways to redo your kitchen with this great java style!

James Young is the main cook in his home. Also an avid blogger, he loves to share his findings on home appliances and kitchen accessories on various websites.