Ways to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

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It is important that a house has a solid foundation so it will not be ruined easily. However, foundation repairs may require considerable amounts which can turn out expensive. There are simple ways to protect your home foundation. You can inspect the perimeter and take good care of the home foundation which you can naturally do it yourself.

roof and gutter

Here are simple tips to show you how and save costs:

Check the perimeters – Periodically check the foundation of your house to see if there are any faults developing. You need to take immediate action when breakages and cracks occur. You have to check the exterior coverings like bricks, vinyl or wood above the foundation. Debris may be visible and must be removed to prevent moisture in the foundation.

Inspect your gutters – Ensure that gutters are cleaned at least twice or thrice a year. Accumulated leaves and debris in gutters must be removed. Check for cracks and holes; and ensure all fasteners and fixings are in place. You need to check if these are not rusted. Use your garden hose to check if these are correctly pitched.

Pay close attention to the downspouts – It is important that you check the pipes and ensure all fasteners and fixings are intact. You also need to be gentle when cleaning this section of your roof. You need to check if it is still efficient to direct water out of the foundation.

Check for pools of water – Pools of water may have accumulated in the house after a rainstorm. If the house has been dry for a while with no rain, you can use the garden hose to spray water on certain parts of the house. If pools are visible, scoop out the water and add pebbles to the surface to prevent it from coming again. You can also check the drainage near the foundation as well.

To protect and maintain the home foundation, you should inspect your perimeter and never allow excessive moisture or dryness. The above are simple steps to save money on repairs. But should you need repairs, you should know whom to call for help. This should keep your house in great condition and livable.