5 Things to Do Before Putting Your House on the Market

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Home Inspection The expression ‘putting your house in order’ very much applies when you’re planning to sell your home. Organisation is crucial, as well as making sure the property is an attractive sell. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips on how to get your house ship-shape before putting it on the market:

1. Sort out your paperwork

You will need all the documentation for the house itself at hand (for example any contracts, survey, deeds or lease documents) when talking to estate agents and for bringing the sale forward when the time comes to accept an offer. It is also useful to dig out your warranties for any household ‘white goods’ that you will be leaving behind, such as the washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher and cooker. Details of your Axa home insurance will also be useful.

2. Organise a house inspection

Ask a straight-talking friend to come and view your home as if they were a prospective buyer, and ask for their opinion on first impressions and what you could do to improve the overall appearance of your property. If you would like a professional’s advice, don’t be afraid to ask your estate agent.

3. De-clutter

As well as making sure that your home is clean and everything that needs repairing has been seen to, it’s really important to de-clutter and depersonalise your home. According to TV property guru Phil Spencer, this is really important as it maximises space and allows potential buyers to be able to imagine their things in your home.

4. Get an EPC

This is an Energy Performance Certificate, which gives information on the energy efficiency of a property. Your home will be assessed by an accredited domestic energy assessor and will be awarded a rating from A to G. You will be required to make this certificate available within seven days of the property entering the market, so you should have it in order within good time.

5. Boost kerb appeal

Home buying is one of those things where first impressions are paramount. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but do take some time to plant bulbs in your flower beds, sweep your front porch and tidy away any bins or unsightly items from your home’s exterior. After all, you want the first impression to be positive!