Create More Space in Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is a favorite room. It offers rest after a hard day. Space is important to relax; cramped space does not give one a feeling of letting go. Simple steps can get items off the floor of the bathroom to clean that extra space.

Elect shelves above the sink that are easy to reach. The toiletries needed stored here. There are shelves in the market that come in different designs that one can put together through the manual provided. Plastic bins can be placed on these shelves to offer more storage space. These should be marked so that every item goes where it belongs.

Cabinets are also another way to go. These can be built under the sink. The medicines in the home can be kept in the cabinet away from pets and children. Tiles make the room look larger when the walls and the floors are covered. Choose a bathtub that has claw feet, it takes less space. The glass sliding door by the shower area makes the room appear larger. The showerhead can be attached above the bathtub to create more space if the bathroom is tiny. Buy shower curtains that creates the illusion of more space; what the mind perceives becomes a reality. The color painted on the walls can make the bathroom appear larger, find out which color is best for your bathroom. Use a little imagination to create more space, nail files, razor blades and other metal items used in the bathroom can be stored on a magnetic knife holder as an art.