Making Room at Home: Some Thoughts on Postage

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At some point we will all get to a stage in our lives when our homes are simply too full of clutter. It can sometimes be a tough job deciding what has to go and what can stay, but it’s one which is worth doing once in a while. Rather than simply throwing things away, it’s always nice to sell things on so that they can benefit from a new lease of life.

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Whether you’re selling your things online or giving to a friend or family member, you will soon have enough to consider the postage. The last thing either party wants is for the items you send to get damaged, fail to arrive or get lost in the mail for several weeks. For this reason, postage is something to which you’ll be keen to dedicate a fair amount of thought.


Being able to depend on the service you use to send your goods is always important. While most delivery services out there have a strong reputation, there can be nothing more reassuring than to meet the person responsible for your package getting from A to B. The only way of doing so is to use courier services to shift your clutter. A great firm we found is Delivery Match. Their website is easy to navigate with all the information you need about the DeliveryMatch Cheap courier service and how it can help you.


While a relative or friend of yours might be happy to sit tight and wait for their package, online customers are likely to demand a bit more speed. With so many people to buy from online, it is elements like delivery speed which will contribute towards your seller’s reputation and allow quicker sales in the future.

Think carefully about the recipient of each package and consider whether it’s worth investing in a quicker service or just settling for economy.

Recorded Delivery

Particularly if you are posting an item to a stranger, it can be important to ensure that your order is recorded and, if possible, tracked. This will waive your responsibility in the event that anything should happen to the package. Many online customers require the use of recorded delivery to keep an eye on their package and to have a clear idea of when it is expected to arrive.

It is also worth understanding the likelihood of the recipient being at home to collect their package. With larger items, different delivery firms have different policies for re-delivery. To avoid your recipient having to wait for another delivery, consider using a service which employs alternatives.