Small Space can look Bigger with These Few Tips

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Having a small living room can be a problem because if you don’t know how to arrange your things, you might end up having a cramped living room full of unused things around. To make it easier for you and your visitors, you can apply a few tricks and make your living room look more spacious that it actually is by checking out these steps:

small living room interior design

Take advantage of colours- combine and contrast them

You can fool someone else’s naked eye by just combining few colors like cream and blue colors. Cream walls with blue covered sofas can make the living room area bigger than it is. It is like creating lines that are longer (optical illusion. You can also do this by ensuring there is enough natural light getting into the room or probably make a light design that can give it a glow like it is coming in naturally. Avoid covering your windows with dark curtains rather put short curtains.

Choose the stuff to take in and remove unnecessary things out

A small place can get smaller if there are unwanted things lurking around or some unused furniture sitting here and there. For your walls, don’t place and hang too many pictures on it. Create a center point in your living room but don’t put emphasis on every corner because it will make it feel crowded. Put in small decors to make the wall appear bigger and here’s one thing, use smaller rugs to make the floor appear bigger.

Use furniture with dual purpose

Say you are putting in a center table with cabinets or designs under it that can allow you to put in magazines or some work of arts. This can reduce space because you don’t need to put a book shelve anymore in the living room. Avoid placing big furniture in the middle as well and as much as possible, move the bigger things towards the wall. It will be best if the furniture color compliment the color of your wall because it adds space (another optical illusion). Also, arrange your furniture in a way that it will create angles.