Top 10 Garden Accessories

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For most people, the garden is a sanctuary for relaxation. You can work in the garden, workout, nurture and care for plants and play with precious pets. The garden is also a safe haven which can help you escape from a tough day at the office.

Nevertheless, caring for a garden can be hard work. Here are a few top garden accessories available from Birstall Garden Centre that can help you create a garden to be proud of.

1. Garden seat: One of the biggest problems most people face when they’re relaxing in their gardens is lack of space to relax or chill. You need to find a proper garden seat to ensure that you stay comfortable whenever you’re in it and admire all your hard work!

Traditional Rocking Chair

2. Kneeling cushion: Truth is, gardening can be a dirty job with many an hour spent on your hands and knees digging soil and potting plants.This can result in your clothes becoming covered in soil and mud and very sore knees. A kneeling cushion will protect your knees from any hard ground and will keep your clothes out the dirt.

Kneeling cushion

3. Palm gloves: Every gardener needs to have a pair if not more of garden gloves because at the end of the day, you have to protect your fingers and nails. A good pair of gardening gloves can do a perfect job on that, protecting your hands from any sharp branches and preventing your finger nails becoming filled with mud!

Gardening Gloves

4. Bucket: A good bucket is an essential garden tool which can be used for a variety of jobs, from carrying offcuts of plans and branches to holding water for cleaning your patio.

Bucket gardening tools

5. Pruning shears: To cut off the extra twigs which weaken your garden plants and rejuvenate leaf growth, pruning shears can be a very important addition to your list of garden accessories. They simply make work easier, especially when they’re sharp.

Pruning Shears

6. Wheelbarrow: If you want to move manure or materials in the garden, invest in a wheelbarrow, no matter how small. A wheelbarrow simply removes the demand from you manually carry things in the garden.  It helps reduce the workload and physical strain and could save you lots of back pain and time.


7. Sprinkler: Every gardener needs to invest in a good, high quality sprinkler if they want to garden successfully and eliminates the need for you to stand watering your garden.

lawn sprinkler

8. Planters: Every garden is also not complete without a set of properly designed planters. Henceforth, you don’t just need to have them on your front steps only-the garden is a fantastic extension. For something a little different you could place pots and planters in your borders amongst your planted plants.

garden planters

9. Pathways: Paths, patio areas and decking can make a garden more interesting and create designated areas, such as seating areas.

patio seating area

10. Fire Pit: Depending on why you have a garden, a firepit can be an amazing addition and create a real talking point. It can also be useful for burning old branches, bits of wood or paper. Invest in a portable one or build one on the garden ground.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Overall, a garden is a beautiful addition to a home and if done well can be like an extra room.