Top Tips When Your Driveway needs Attention

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The driveway to your home is the first thing that visitors will see; therefore, you want to ensure that it is kept in fantastic condition. Over time the asphalt will begin to appear worn, and you may need to consider resurfacing the area. This may seem a daunting procedure; however, if you choose a top quality company the process is straightforward.

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You may think that your drive can have a quick patch and repair, but sometimes this just will not help the problem. You need to consider the money that it will cost for the repairs, and how long they are likely to last. In the long run, you are better paying more and having the whole drive resurfaced, as it will last far longer.

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Choosing the right company for the job may seem a headache, as there are numerous companies available. You need to ensure that you take your time, choose wisely, and get numerous opinions and quotes. Companies such as CR MacDonald are excellent, and will guide you through the whole process, from quote to final payment.

There are several things that you will notice when your driveway needs resurfacing as they never remain smooth and black forever. Even if you have the driveway sealed and protected, there will come a time when the sun, heat and outside substances will affect the condition. Oil, petrol, salt and grease all affect the way that your driveway looks, and will overtime crack and damage the surface.

As a general guide, if more than 25% of the overall surface needs repairs, it is far more cost effective to resurface the whole driveway. Cracks will appear and these can range from small hairline cracks, to inch wide problems that allow water to penetrate. If the crack is large, the problem is bigger, which you will need to have fixed as soon as possible to avoid further issues.

When selecting the contractor to carry out the resurfacing work on your driveway, you need to be wary of travelling companies. These are the ones that notice damage to the driveway, ring your doorbell and offer to resurface the problem at a low price. Reputable companies never do this, which is why you need to be wary, and only use companies that you trust.

Asking for references, quotes and testimonials is all normal, and a quality company will have no problems supplying this information. Alongside the quote, you can ask them for their opinion o the drive, and what work needs doing. Experienced contractors will be able to provide you with several alternatives. Once you have agreed on the price, a contract will need to be drawn up before work begins.

You need to clarify who is responsible for the raising of any water valves and sewer inlets and if you need a qualified plumber is this included in the price.  Specifying how many layers are needed for the resurfacing is essential, to guarantee that a top quality job is completed. Also a payment schedule is a good idea, to ensure that you do not pay in full before the job is completed.