3 Summer Upgrades for Your Home

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The summer is as good a time as any make home improvements. Whether you’re entertaining guests this winter or looking to spruce up your home, a few upgrades can go a long way toward creating a more comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Get your finances in order and start planning the home renovation of your dreams.

Get out of Debt and Save

Before you start throwing money at home improvement projects, make sure your finances are on point. Pay off a larger portion of your mortgage this summer; you’ll be able to use more money on other things you want or need, or you’ll be able to start a savings account.

Cut costs of home improvements by doing your own home decoration instead of employing tradesmen, plant a vegetable garden and grow your own food, or make the most of natural lighting and climate control by opening curtains and windows instead of turning on electric lights and air conditioners. Save by bundling your Budget Direct house insurance. These plans provide you with great coverage but help you to save money that you can spend on more enjoyable things.

Have a Make Over

Houses need constant attention and often start to look old and shabby. Give the inside of your home the beauty treatment it deserves — repaint the walls, fix the garage door, clean up the garden and install new light fixtures. Your house will look newer, cleaner and happier, and will be a more inviting place to live in.

Kitchen: The kitchen is used daily and probably gets the most beating. Don’t let it get out of hand. Make summer the season to update and improve your kitchen.

  • Replace those old tiles, especially the ones with cracks in them. If your tile is still good, grab some rubber gloves and a hand brush. Mix vinegar and baking soda and wipe until your floors are clean.
  • Get a modern, workable sink that can hold more dishes. Also, get a new faucet that will be easier for you to wash those hard-to-scrub dishes.
  • Add pendant lighting to create a modern, unique feel to the kitchen.

Bathrooms: Easy to forget the place you don’t want to spend much time in. If you don’t want a full renovation, follow these easy updating steps.

  • Buy new shower curtains, towels — both hand and body, toothbrush holders and other correlating decorations. You will be surprised how these small changes will change the whole bathroom. Horizontal patterns on the shower curtain will create the illusion of more depth.

Bedroom: Change your bedroom from something you have to be in to something you want to be in.

  • De-clutter your personal haven. If needed, get an armoire to organise those clothes sticking out of the small dresser. Find a used armoire at a flea market or a DIY store and paint it a color to match your room.
  • Light. If you have the space and affordability, get a bigger window to let the natural light into your area. If not possible, buy a new lamp to improve the aesthetics.

Living Room: Easy touches can change the whole room.

  •   If your couch looks old, re-upholster it or get a new one.
  • Spice up that old space; add drapes correlating throw pillows.
  • Re-arrange the living room to make the whole room look new.