Cutting Down On Your Energy Cost At Home

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Save Energy Save MnoeyIf you keep on complaining about how your electric bill is getting higher well blame it on yourself because as far as I’m concerned you are the one who is buying more electrical appliances and gadgets and gradually contributing to air pollution and global warming. If you cannot simply stop yourself from buying these things that makes life easy, why don’t you try doing this stuff.

Unplugging appliances

There are some electrical appliances that you often use, whenever you are out for work, simply unplugging electrical appliances that are you not using will basically save your energy cost because you might not notice it but appliances that are on stand by still eats energy. It’s okay if it’s just one but I know one is not enough.

On hot days

We really can’t control the weather to whenever the sun is too hot, we often use the air conditioner for long hours, and these suckers eat more energy, so why not cut down on your cost by alternating it with an electric fan. Let the room cool for 3 hours then after that you can turn it off and replace an electric fan to let the cool air circulate.

The sleep mode

For those of us who use computers more often, sometimes when we are too busy we tend to leave our computers on standby for an hour or two, it is better to set the sleep mode or hibernate whenever the computer is idle, in that way our computer is still on but it saves more energy.

Lights off

Sometimes we forget to switch our lights off, I have the habit of just simply flicking all the lights on because I don’t want it to be dark but I learned that it was a bad idea because I’ve been paying for that habit of mine big time. I learned to switch the lights off when not in use leaving only one or two lights on inside and outside the house, there’s been a huge difference. So whenever I leave a room in the house or in the office, I always flick it off.

Cut down on your carbon footprint and save energy.