How to Improve Basement at Low Cost

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Most of us simply use the basement as our laundry area, stock room, workshop or office. However, the basement could also be used as an extra or spare room for our guest. Improving the basement design may involve several actions that may or may not cost us some expensive expenses. Improving the basement may include wall refurbishing for termites and molds, pipe clogs, widening the area for extra space and many more. Here are the following steps to start renovation our basement.

Start improving the structure

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Since the basement is located underground, it is always an important step to check for water leaks on the walls or the pipelines. Get someone to check for termite houses in the walls to avoid getting further expenses on wall replacement in the future. It is also essential for us to contact a plumbing company that could check our pipelines for clogs, frozen and rusted area. Rust may weaken the pipes and are often the reason for water leaks. Making the basement as a spare room also needs to be comfortable therefore enhancing the heating system is a must. This step may involve expenses such as paying the workers.

Color and decorating the basement

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After checking the walls and the pipes in the basement, we now arrive at the fun part which is decorating the room. Choosing a lighter color would be the best choice since the basement has that dark and gloomy ambiance that we always get. Setting up more lighting system and ventilation would be the first thing that we should do. It would also create a fresh look when we adore it with different pictures that we already have therefore no further expenses will be made.

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Setting up the basement is fun but can sometimes be costly. However, if we have the skills to do all these jobs such as eliminating termites, cleaning mold build ups, removing grouts, adjusting the heater in the pipes, painting and interior decorating then we can save about 50% of the expenses that we expected.