How to Make a House a Home

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When we move into a new house, we are very aware that it is not ours just yet. There are still remnants of the previous owners, the colours on the walls, and the choice of the kitchen units and the appearance of the bathroom. The layout may be entirely different to the way we want it and there may be some strong renovation plans which we have in mind to make it a house we are happy and comfortable living in. The way the house is styled is a reflection of our personalities and the way we choose to live. For example, those who opt for vibrant colours and unique items of furniture tend to be outgoing and strong willed people where as those that choose warm neutral colours and comfortable pieces of furniture tend to be laid back and keen for relaxation. There are no guidelines no definitive ways in which we must design our home, it is entirely our choice. The way we choose to live is up to no one else but ourselves.

Upon moving in to a new home the first thing that normally takes place is the re-decoration. Having the walls the colour that we prefer and has been in fact done by us means that we are gradually making the environment belong to us and slowly eradicates the former occupants.

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The addition of our own items, furniture, accessories and the little touches begins to transform each room into ours and allows us to begin to create something which is fast becoming a home rather than merely a house. Often, with a new house comes a new start and one of the best ways to support this idea is with the addition of new items that are perfect for the new home. The personal touches, which represent us, are the best ways to quickly and cheaply make each room personal to each occupant especially if the cost of re-decoration makes it impossible.

Becoming comfortable in a new environment is not something that will happen overnight. It is something which takes a period of time to adapt to the new surroundings and get used to the fact that are living under a new roof, in a new street and possibly even in a new part of the country or world. Having friends and family over to the new place will allow you to feel more at ease in the new space and as soon as loved ones see the new premises they too can be comfortable with the home and encourage you to feel the same way.

Settling into the area will speed up the process of settling in to the new home. Making friends with neighbours, learning where the local shops, etc. are will help you to re-adjust to the environment you are now in. moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and it can take time to not only settle in to the new place but time to get over the stress of relocating. For so long a house move can dominate our lives and be the focus of everyday, once it is over it takes time to readjust to not having such a huge weight hanging over you.