Interior Design Trends 2013

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Renovating a room can be extremely exciting, particularly if you’re adding your personal touch to a new house.  If it’s the first time you’ve done it, it can also be a bit stressful: it’s a big investment that you’re making, after all!  One of the trickiest decisions – and one that makes many people freeze – is actually taking that final plunge and choosing a particular design.

soft looking living room home interior design ideas

A good way to counter this is to look to the latest trends and fashions. Giving your home the ‘wow factor’ is something the guys at Fort Myers Real Estate understand, whether that’s renovating a new house, or preparing a home to put on the market.  Adding on trend touches to your home can only help increase it’s value.  On that note, here are some of the standout interior trends to surface during 2013 so far:

Retro botanical patterns.  In both interior design and the fashion industry within the last couple of years there has been a move towards colour schemes and aesthetics heavily influenced by the 1950s and the 1960s.  (We blame Mad Men).  This year that’s continued, with a great many designs making use of botanical designs set in greens and blues, the patterns heavily influenced by the style of the mid twentieth century.

Raw woods.  Another effect that’s become popular this year is the use of genuine timber, but without any form of varnishing, staining or paint.  This use of unaltered and unfinished woods is about as retro as retro can be, with some of the latest furniture pieces looking almost prehistoric.  Whilst this look might not be to everyone’s tastes, it’s certainly one way of ensuring your room is truly striking.

Brass.  Brass is undoubtedly on the way back in this year, with a whole host of accessories in all the trendiest locations being sculpted from this unique metal.  Again, this look really is retro and presents a timeless appeal.  What’s more, it’s pretty good value for money so it won’t cost any budget conscious designer too much to get the in-season look.  Even just adding the brass accessory here or there can help.

Marble.  Far from the cheapest visual effect on this list, marble remains one of the classiest materials in existence for those who have the cash and the patience to deal with it.  Like brass, the use of marble in kitchens and bathrooms lends an absolutely timeless feel that will ensure the room looks just as much the part in ten years as it does now.   Common uses of marble this year include features such as kitchen islands and outdoor bird-tables.  Obviously, if the real thing is a bit above your budget, then have a hunt around for marble wallpaper: it’ll mean you can get the look without splashing the cash!

Cut glass.  Once again, cut glass is a throwback to the middle of the twentieth century, and has been seen more and more this in year in everything from candle holders to bathroom mirrors.  As well as being ideal for helping to lend a sense of space to any smaller room, cut glass is also incredibly elegant, lending a real air of sophistication wherever it’s used.   If you’re a bit stumped as to where you can make use of it, though, then consider the kitchen: cut glass decanters or serving bowls can make the world of difference to a room’s aesthetic, and are also an excellent talking point during those dinner parties!