Planting a Vegetable Garden

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Want to cut out your food expenses? Why not create your own vegetable garden in your backyard. It benefits you in many ways; it’ll save your food expenses because once your vegetable garden starts to flourish, you will have an abundant source of food and it saves time to not drop by the vegetable section on the grocery store and buy them. If this is your first time to grow a vegetable garden then these are what you need to know.

Space for planting and the soil condition.

Before making your own vegetable garden, you must first consider your space; if you have little space then you will have ideas on what kind of vegetable to plant. There are vegetables that do not grow well with limited space. Now if you have a bigger space then, it’s good because your garden will come in different variety. Soil condition must also be checked for its ph level. Certain vegetable grows better if they are planted in the right soil. Keep your soil cultivated and fertile; there are plenty of commercial and organic fertilizers to choose from.

What to plant?

So you now have your garden beds, what’s left now is to plant your vegetables. First you must think of what vegetable you mostly need or consume more often. It would be a waste to plant those veggies that you don’t usually eat. Wouldn’t it be wise to plant what you can just eat? Also consider the span of time they grow. It would be better to plant veggies that grow fast so that you can harvest them from time to time.

Making a vegetable garden is a fun way of bonding with your family especially your kids, you can teach them how to garden while enjoying your time together and It gives you pleasure that the vegetables you grew in your backyard are part of your everyday meals.