Signs of Problems with Your Septic Tank

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Septic tanks, no matter how formidable it seems, encounter problems of its own. This will prompt individuals like you to have it pumped and checked out by experts. Of course none of this would be possible if it did not spew out some warning signs that will alarm you of its predicament, and here are some of them.

1. Putrid Smell

A rotten odor all around your home only means one thing; your septic tank is failing and needs to be pumped asap. Sometimes the reason for the rank smell may be a broken drain field line, but a professional can easily determine this issue.

2. Presence of Greeneries

Homeowners may wonder how a grass can manage to grow on the drainage area and have a healthy shade of green in the middle of the dry season. Ask no more because this is definitely a broken septic tanks doing. Because it is not functioning as it should be, the overflowing contents serves as a source of nourishment to the grass, thus its healthy shade.

3. Warning Signs

Alarms and flashing lights are sometimes installed in your septic system, and you may not even know this. If you hear a high pitch sound in that area, do not call for 911 or the fire department because that is just your septic tank telling you that it is time to be pumped. Warning signs like these are a marvel so have it installed, or if you are moving to a new house then ask the previous homeowners if they have this so as not to cause panic.

4. Delayed Draining

Draining should not take hours, or even days, so if you encounter a slow or delayed draining on your system, then you know what this means, a problem in your septic tank. No amount of clearing chemicals can fix this so have it checked soon.

5. Spill

If you see a nasty discharge on the septic tank area, and it does not look like it is going anywhere soon, go ahead and call the experts because there is definitely a problem with your septic tank.

Your septic tank is an essential part of your property. How else would you do your dirty business without it? For this reason, it is vital to have it fixed once you encounter the signs described above. Do not try to fix it yourself if you are not a professional because it will just cause more problems.