The 5 Biggest and Best Home Improvements

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It may be the smallest room in the house but it is probably the most important. Your bathroom is a room used by you, your family, your friends and everyday guests so you want it to look as good as it can all the time. It is also the best place for some relaxation and should be a haven from the hustle and bustle of daily life. If your bathroom isn’t everything it should be, then this is the improvement project for you. Ditch your old bathroom suite and get something that you really love – if you’ve always craved a free-standing bath with Jacuzzi jets, then go for it. It is definitely worth doing the planning well before you start and shop around – you don’t have to get everything from one place.

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When the good weather arrives you want to have the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing so get your patio area sorted before the summer begins. Take a look at your garden and see where the sun lands the most. Most people go straight for having their patio right by the back door but if you get the sun at the other end of your garden, then perhaps that would be a better spot? Decide whether you want stone or wood as each one will need different treatments and care techniques. You also need to think about what you want your patio to be used for – having barbecues, outside dining or a kids-friendly play area. Take these things into consideration when planning your patio and it will be everything you need and more.

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You may be thinking that this isn’t exactly a big project – after all, they’re just carpets. But don’t dismiss this idea too soon. You will be amazed at the difference new carpets and flooring can make to your home and how they can inject new life into tired rooms. You may love your current decor but after a while, rooms begin to look old and too familiar. A fantastic new carpet or hardwood flooring can transform any room and give it a new lease of life. You’ll also notice a fresher, cleaner atmosphere in your home – most people don’t realise how much odour and dust carpets can gather over the years.


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If you are looking to improve your body as well as your home, then why not consider a home gym? You can install them in your home or build a designated space for it outside in your garden or in your garage. Putting together your own gym isn’t just a case of popping in some equipment and it’s done – you need to carefully think about what you want to get out of having it. If you find exercising easier with noise or distractions, think about a TV or sound system to keep you interested during workouts. You also need proper ventilation so you don’t over heat and you need mirrors to check posture and keep an eye on how you’re improving.

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An obvious choice but this one really makes a difference. The kitchen is often the heart of every home and whether or not you are an enthusiast chef, you want a space that works for you and your family. A proper eating area is high on most people’s lists and combining your kitchen and dining areas is a great way to create a welcoming area for people to congregate. Whether you want old-fashioned country cottage chic or something more modern and stylish – having the right kitchen will do wonders for your home and your mood. If size is an issue then perhaps you can consider an extension to cater for your new kitchen. You’ll need a bigger budget and the correct equipment, such as diggers and forklifts, but with a bit of careful planning and attention to detail you could soon have your dream kitchen.

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