The Wind the Dream the People

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Mike is going to watch his favorite band play in the next town. He just started learning the trumpet and was always carrying it around him at all times. His parents were going to drive him so it was okay to bring it with him even to the concert. The band was a group of Sax players that came together once every, well every three years. They believed that bands, because of cabin fever, tend to break up once they are established. It was a philosophy everyone shared because they believed in the music. And Mike fell in love with them. He came across them from his uncle’s playlist, he was 8. He dragged his mother to bring him to almost all the concerts they would do whenever the band reunites.

After three years this would be Mike’s third sojourn with the band. They have come to know him pretty well and always welcomed him to their band family. Their little roadie they would call him. This year,before the concert started Mike distributed his gifts to the band, he bought them Brass Cases & Gig Bags at WWBW . They all loved it and set out to make history playing beautiful music for the world.