Weight Loss Management and Indirect Calorimiters

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As a health care professional that helps clients reduce weight, you know that giving the right advice and plan is essential for garnering good results. Without it, all the efforts of your clients will be for naught, and they would just waste their time with you. You also realize that knowledge and skills alone is not enough to assist your clients with their weight loss management. In reality, you need equipments such as calorimiters to keep track of their resting metabolic rate which will make it easier for you to devise a plan. MedGem and BodyGem are two of the most popular indirect calorimeter today, and we will be giving you the lowdown about it.


Your Most Wanted Questions and The Answers Behind It:

Is This Safe For My Clients?

It is absolutely safe for the clients, regardless of weight, gender, or age. Compared to other products, they do not use any chemicals, thus making it perfectly suitable for use. The clients simply have to breathe into the medgem mouthpieces for 10 minutes, or depending on the instruction of the professional, and after a while, the result would be analyzed and seen. Clients will not have a hard time with this test because they can simply sit and relax whilst doing the process.

Is It Effective?

The use of this product is clinically proven and effective. That is why a lot of medical practitioners, as well as weight loss facilities use this. Case in point is the program The Biggest Loser which we are sure that you heard about and even seen seeing that you are working in this particular field. The show promotes the use of MedGem and BodyGem, and as you have probably noticed, it helped them devise an individualize plan for each of their contestants or clients. You have seen the end results of the show, so it is safe to say that it is indeed effective.

Where Can I Buy It?

Many online stores nowadays sell this for a reasonable price. However it is better to get it from a legit source who specialize in all types of fitness and medical diagnostic equipments, and not just medgem mouthpieces because the product they sell are always the best in the market, not to mention you would get a big discount from them.

Even if you are a skilled fitness or medical practitioner, do not rely on your skills alone to help your clients. Remember that this is not about you but them, so give your clients the best equipment that will make them succeed in losing weight. They will thank you profusely for doing so.