Work from Home. Five Original Ideas to Design an Outdoor Working Office

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downIn the summer, as the only thing that occupies our minds is the holidays, few of us are really in the mood to work hard or can still give our best. After a year’s hard work, all we want to do is to rest and relax. Working from home for a while might be a good idea, if the boss allows it, but in some cases, things can get quite wonderful if we have the privilege of living in a house with a garden, terrace or patio, as we can move our office in the open air and even become more efficient, no matter we managed to convince everybody that it’s better for us to complete our daily tasks without going to the office or we run our own business from the back yard. Here are five ways to build the garden office of our dreams.

1. The Vintage Terrace

If you have enough space on your terrace to create a working space and you don’t want it to look just like your corporate office, going vintage may be a good idea. Find a solid wooden desk and treat it accordingly to make sure it doesn’t represent a future danger, especially if you buy it from a vintage shop or found it tosses somewhere in the garage. Affordable pest control services can take care of any problem, including termites or carpenter beetles threats. Add a vintage but comfortable chair, a wooden cabinet and some flower pots around the working space in order to give it its unity, and don’t forget to connect to the Internet in order to perform your daily tasks.

2. The Team Tent

No matter if you run your own business from home or you manage somehow to convince your team to stop over by your house to work together, a tent might be exactly what you need. You can install one in your back yard, add a table and chairs, use a wireless Internet connection in order to make communication easier and get to work. It can be efficient and also relaxing to have your team there and solve the daily problems while breathing fresh air and enjoying a little green atmosphere. Just don’t get carried away by the holiday feeling that might conquer all of you and forget to work while sipping cold lemonade.

3. Redesign the summer pavilion

If your yard or garden is already provided with a summer pavilion, you can redesign it to transform the space into your personal office. Yes, you can only bring your laptop there to work, but to get really comfortable and feel you have an outdoor office, you can try to get creative and make it functional and pleasant. You can take your laptop and work anywhere, but to actually have an original working space, bring in some wooden small cabinets, boxes to keep your papers in, flower pots, even some pictures hanged around for a sense of comfort. If your family gives up the pavilion in your favor, you can turn it into a real office space with all the perks possible.