5 Things Every Modern Bathroom Should Feature

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The bathroom used to be a place to simply freshen up and take care of necessary bodily functions. However, busy schedules and the rapid pace of life means that these days there’s more of a focus on relaxation in modern bathrooms.

It’s all about getting the atmosphere right and to do that there are several things you need to invest in. Below you’ll find the top five things that will help to enhance your modern bathroom.

#1: Walk in shower

Walk in showers are the ultimate modern bathroom feature. Aim for one which features an extra-large shower head if you want to really keep in with the modern theme. If you like to really feel the water pounding down, opt for a power shower – the Mira Showers power shower is an excellent option if you’re stuck for inspiration.

#2: Heated accessories

One of the most modern features every bathroom should have these days is heated accessories, such as a towel rail and mirror. After you’ve had a shower the mirror will often be misted over, so shaving or putting on make-up after a shower can prove a challenge. Something as simple as a heated mirror will quickly eliminate the problem of condensation.

#3: Underfloor heating

With bathrooms increasingly centred on relaxing and unwinding, underfloor heating is a luxurious feature that all modern bathrooms should consider installing. In order to make the room as relaxing as possible, you need to ensure you are comfortable. In the cold months it can take a lot of courage to step out from the shower into the cold air, but with underfloor heating you’ll remain toasty warm at all times.

#4: LED Lights

LED lights help to create an extremely relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. You can have them installed on door handles, around the mirror and even in the bath. These types of lights are not only safer than lighting candles but can also be really romantic.

#5: Adequate storage

Storage is something that helps to declutter the room. You can’t relax if there are bottles and products everywhere, so invest in bathroom furniture if you have a good amount of space in the room. There are tall bathroom cupboards that you can use to keep fresh towels in, as well other bathroom essentials.

These are the top five things every modern bathroom should have. Why not take a look online for inspiration on how to decorate a modern bathroom for the ultimate results?