5 Tips for Hosting A Big Event In Your Home

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By Robert Barlow

People are hard to deal with, even people you care about, and getting too many of them in the same place can be stressful If you’re going to be hosting a big event in your home you have so many things to consider. Every shortcut and easy step to a successful event is one worth taking. Making an event run smoothly is full of complications, this should simplify t a little.

Get your valuables out of the house

People are fallible some of them are clumsy and they inevitably trip and knock things over. Multiply any of those things by all of your guests and you’d have to figure at least a few breakages are certain. You had better be certain that the things that get knocked over and knocked into aren’t the things you hold dear. Try to move them to the attic or into storage if you can.

Clear the space

In the same vein as tip 1. You will inevitably have to readjust the entire floor plan of the room to give people space to move and breathe and no one likes weaving through your furniture. If you can’t find a way to keep it clear in floor plan, you may want to go to Fort Knox Gold Coast and put some of it in storage. In addition anywhere you don’t want guests will have to be made clear.


You need more than you think you need. People will eat more than you think they will, people will need more effort than you think they do and even if they don’t it’s easier to have too much than not enough. As a good rule of thumb it’s a good idea to order 10% more than you think you’ll need, just to be safe.

Make things clear to your guests

Guests are often just as confused and awkward arriving at your place as you are throwing it. Check your invitations several times and include every detail. Is it formal? How formal? Is there a theme? Is it costumes or just colours? Will there be things they’re required to bring or do? These things are important. In addition get an RSVP at least a week and a half in advance, to make sure.

Get the right help

If you’re holding an event for the first time, or even the first time in a while, you shouldn’t try to handle it without top notch help. Explore your catering options, consider whether you need entertainment and if so what? Every job you’re supervising someone else doing is a job you don’t have to deal with.

Sadly there’s no 100% disaster proof formula for an event. That many people in an enclosed space and unforeseen things are bound to go wrong. This list is a simple formula to make as much go right as possible and mitigate the consequences. The rest is up to you.